Our home away from home

One of the most important pieces of equipment we needed to decide on for the 2012 Pacific Crest Thru hike was the shelter. Not only does the shelter protect you from the elements, be that sun, rain or even snow, but it also provides an important psychological safe haven. Over the 5-6 months we will be on the trail, we will very rarely be sleeping in beds or even in permanent structures. Our home for those 5-6 months will be our shelter. Although we fully intend to embrace the wilderness and outdoors, sometimes this may feel overwhelming. This is where the protection of a shelter will help put the mind at rest and provide a good nights sleep. Continue reading

Lotions and Potions

Although our bodies are amazing creations, and capable of doing amazing things, they may need a little help when making them walk 2650 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail! In this post I talk about some of the lotions, potions and pills we will be taking or carrying with us to help us reach our goal. Continue reading

Everything but the kitchen sink…

When discussing what we will miss most on the Pacific Crest Trail, we both agreed that a proper bed and good food will be greatly missed. We both love great food and enjoy eating out. We both also enjoy cooking, so have a really varied diet and always use fresh products. On the trail we will be somewhat limited to what we can get hold of, what will last without refrigeration and what is calorie dense. So that’s little fresh fruit and veg, no juicy steaks (Although I am looking forward to tasting US steaks in the towns!) and no fresh milk! Continue reading