Blackbeard & Destroyer hike the Pacific Crest Trail

Following our 2012 thru-hike of the 2660 mile Pacific Crest trail, I made a film documenting our adventure.  For some, it may be lengthy at 2 hours, but even this was hard enough when trying to condense 6 months of adventure down.  Hopefully you like it and inspires others to experience this amazing part of the world.  Without further adieu  I present, ‘Blackbeard & Destroyer hike the Pacific Crest Trail”. Continue reading

Cascade Locks to Manning Park (mile 2155 – 2668)

So having rested for several days, psyching ourselves up for the final state, we set off and left Cascade Locks. As we crossed the Columbia River on the Bridge of the Gods we entered the Evergreen State’; Washington! Everything we had read about Washington said that we should be prepared for and expect colder temperatures and lots of rain! So one of the gear changes we made was to switch our trusty trail running shoe for waterproof boots. I had been suffering with tendon issues in my foot, so I hoped that the stiffer boots would help let the foot recover. The waterproof lining of these boots would also help protect us from all the rain and cold. Continue reading