Big bear lake – Aqua Dulce (mile 266-454)

We have finally arrived at Aqua Dulce! I say finally, but it it’s amazing how quickly this resupply town has come around! It feels like only a few days since we started at the Mexican border, but we have infact now been on the trail for over a month! Aqua Dulce isn’t just any resupply town (although each town so far has had it’s own charm and individuality.) but it it’s also the home of the Saufleys. The saufleys are trail angels extraordinaire! Each year they open up their home to hundreds of stinky hikers and provide every service you could think of. They act as a hotel, post office, laundrette and mental wellbeing zone. We have finished this section of the trail with 2 days of chores and rest here at hikers heaven. Continue reading