Camera attachment system & MYOG Cuben Fibre camera cover

Being a photographer, much of my Pacific Crest Trail planning and kit choice has centred around cameras, what to compromise on due to weight and how to carry it all. I am about to post up a large blog post about my camera kit choices, but one thing that I though might be worth posting on here is how I am going to carry my camera, as it may be of use to others.

A few people have asked about this camera setup, so I thought it best to explain the thinking behind it. The camera is attached to the shoulder strap with the use of a Peak Design Capture clip. This holds the camera very securely, but also makes it very easy to remove and use.

The camera is then also secured to the strap via a micro wire carbiner and an Optech ‘retrieve it’ retractable wire clip. This means that even if the camera slips out of my hand while using it, it will only fall to about knee level, and not hit the ground! The wire extends easy enough for it not to interfere with taking shots.

The lens cap has also been secured to the camera quick release plate. This has two benefits; The lens cap can’t fall off and get lost. And when I take the quick release plate off to change battery or memory card, the plate can’t get lost as it is attached to the lens cap. Again, it doesn’t interfere with taking shots and the lens cap just hangs there when shooting.

Finally, I have made a waterproof Cuben Fibre protective cover. This sits between the two ‘layers’ of the capture clip and is only punctured by the two retaining bolts on the clip. I made neoprene grommets around these holes to make them waterproof. To make the cover totally waterproof, it is also a roll top, held together with a bra fastener. When not in use, the cover easily folds back behind the clip, and when it starts to rain or is dusty, it can be easily rolled forward and made safe.

Overall the system works very well after a number of designs and ideas. It combines the ease of access and protection against the elements that I set out to cover. The only things I may change are to stiffen up the edge of the rolltop with some plastic strip to make it easier to roll, and maybe add some neoprene to hold protect against knocks in the most vulnerable places.