ADZPCTKO – ADZ what now?

As you read this we’ll be at the ADZPCTKO (Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off event) after 2 days hiking initiation in the Californian desert. We’ll most likely be ready for a morale boost after our reality check! The ADZPCTKO certainly promises to provide that and more. It’s a cherished institution among PCT hikers past, present and future. We’ll hand over to the committed organisers of this event to explain what it’s all about…

β€œThe ADZ is about honouring those who strive to attain their goal. ADZ occurs at the beginning of the journey, not the end. It honours those who resign from the normal world and enter the zone of the long distance hiker; a zone of challenge and simplicity; of camaraderie and solitude; of effort, failure, and reward. We are there with them on the long dry march to Scissors Crossing, over the daunting cornices of the high Sierra and the long green tunnel. We are there when they attain their goal but we are also there when their feet are covered with blisters. We are there to encourage, to help you attain your goal, but mostly to honour you because you tried. It’s all about kindness. That is the ADZ, kindness. Humans being kind to other humans. Nothing more and nothing less.” (Taken from

It’ll be a rather special weekend celebrating the beginning of our big adventure but also our first year of marriage. Happy anniversary to us! We know the trail will test us and the vows we made to one another a year ago today will be very important in seeing us through. We’re hopeful that taking this journey together will strengthen our marriage. Go team Bear and Boy!

Here are the vows we made to each other a year ago today:

β€œWe sincerely promise to be honest and trusting, to communicate openly with each other, and to cherish, love and comfort each other with tenderness and affection, through life’s journey together, even when times are hard.

We aspire to live together as equal and different individuals, to be patient with one another and to respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

We aspire to always to learn from our shared experiences, and to build from them a full and loving marriage based on trust and on respect, forever sharing friendship, fun, laughter and adventure together.

We will stand beside one another as husband and wife, best friends and soul mates as we build our future and achieve our dreams together.”

Photography Raymond Lin