Phase 2 of the new website

Phase 2 of the website development is now under way. Not long ago I decided to finally construct this website after having attempted and failed at making my other sites. My background is not in programming, so the idea of making a website from scratch was a little daunting. However after lots of reading and playing with ideas, the site you are looking at was born. I am very pleased with the outcome, and has taught me a lot about webdevelopment.


However the site is not yet complete. I have big ideas for this site, some of which will happen and some which may not be possible. Over time the site will slowly evolve and change and hopefully be filled with more content and functionality. The first step of the improvement, is the integration of ‘cutenews’, which is the system that is bringing you this news, as well as the system now controlling the comments board. I did have a comments board, however the system that it used was very clunky and seeminly only allowed 10 comments. Cutenews also makes it much easier for me to add, edit and control the content, so its hopefully a good change for everyone.

If there are any changes to the site that you like, don’t like or would like to see, then please say so in the comments section. Im more than open to ideas and suggestions.