Pacific Crest Trail 2012 Thru Hike!

In anticipation of our 2012 Pacific Crest Trail Thru hike, the website has now gained an ‘adventures‘ section. This will feature blog entries for anything related to adventures big and small. Photography may be the passion, but in order to create the art I need to get out there and see the world. The adventures section is dedicated to placing oneself in places and situations that may lead to great photos. Sometimes these adventures may lead to no photos, but at worst they lead to great memories and experiences. Continue reading

Nikon D3s

The D3s has now been officially released by Nikon. Adding a few updates and added features to the highly successful Nikon D3. It’s specs have underwhelmed some, but surprised many. It’s main selling points are increased ISO sensitivity, with H3 now going up to a staggering ISO 102,400! Continue reading

Blog overhaul

It has been a while since I updated my ‘blog’. Well I now have no excuse not to regularly update my site. The whole front page has been overhauled and is now running on WordPress rather than Cutenews as it did before.  Cutenews is a decent and lightweight application, but is nowhere near as flexible and accessible as WordPress.  This increased ease of use should allow me to add articles, reviews and guides much easier.  It will also allow me to easily embed images and video clips and other relevant media.  So if anyone notices me not updating the website more often, then please give me a kick. Continue reading

The mojo is back!

Over the last year my life has undergone quite a lot of changes. I have moved home twice and started a new job with lots of smaller bits of life inbetween. Although I have really enjoyed he changes, and now live in a great place and have a great job now, it did mean that my photography suffered a little. I have taken a few shots over the year, but have hardly done any processing or uploading of those images. Continue reading