Pixelpost gallery launched!

After ages of coding, designing, learning fiddling and tweaking the new look gallery section has been launched! Although the old design (Based on Monoslideshow) looked and functioned perfectly well, it wasn’t ideal. It had no content management system and not enough flexibility for my needs.


The new system is run with Pixelpost. Pixelpost is an extremely adaptable and capable gallery system that allows me to add images much more easily, as well as being able to categorize images. It also allows me to directly link to my pictures, which means I’m quite likely to use it as hosting for posting on forums, rather than using Deviantart like I used before.


Poddington the Puffin

There is now also an option to directly purchase my prints from the gallery. Just hover over the image and several option buttons appear at the bottom right of the image. Click on the ‘cart’ button and a slide-down panel will appear under the image. From here you can choose the size and framing options for the print. At the moment my prints come from Photobox, but over the next couple of months I’m going to try and test prints from a local specialised photographic printers. This should result in much higher quality prints.


I have spent several months creating and tweaking the new gallery section, and I think its just about there, but if you do come across any bugs, errors or things that simply need changing or adding then please send me an email.